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Netflix-2: Thrillers of the World

Welcome to the second installment of my Netflix series, where I recommend films from around the globe (and not just the US), which you can appreciate and enjoy on Netflix. My hope is to allow true cinema-lovers to discover more great content that is out there on the Netflix platform, outside of the regular Hollywood offerings and of course, the ever-increasing Netflix Originals. This week I recommend four superb thrillers from four different countries that you can marvel at and get entertained – both at the same time. (Don’t forget to let me know what you thought about these recommendations…)


Prepare to be dazzled and to get a good laugh at this wonderful comedy/action thriller from one of the best Korean directors in that country. The story, involving three completely different characters (hence the title of the movie!!) on a treasure hunt, is an absolutely delightful adventure caper, with some of the best action scenes you will see in any film. This one is not to be missed!


This is a cool, slick, edge-of-the-seat thriller in its truest terms, from director Morten Tyldum, who also directed THE IMITATION GAME and last year’s Jennifer LawrenceChris Pratt sci-fi movie PASSENGERS. HEADHUNTERS is, however, completely different from the two afore mentioned films and takes viewers on a wild cat-and-mouse ride that will leave you gasping for more. This is thrilling, action cinema at one of its finest.

OMAR (Palestine)

OMAR was Palestine’s entry to the Oscars four years ago and is a serious, yet brilliant portrayal of life in the Middle East, from a Palestinian point of view. The twists and turns in the film and the depiction of love, friendship, betrayal, heartbreak and loneliness are captured flawlessly in this breathtaking thriller that you are bound to appreciate once its over. A serious thriller and a great character-study in parallel.

UGLY (India)

UGLY is one of the most brutal depictions of greed and selfishness that you will ever witness on the screen. This one completely breaks your heart when its over. It is one of those rare slow-burning thrillers from India which gives you a glimpse into the depravity that mankind can potentially sink into. The film, which revolves around the kidnapping of a young girl, is not an easy watch, but it ranks in my opinion as one of the must-see Indian movies on Netflix. A grim, dark and gritty thriller that is essential viewing.

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