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Netflix-1: The works of Korean director JOON-HO BONG

Over the years, I have grown into treating NETFLIX as my window to World Cinema…a place where I can retreat and get exposed to cultures outside of what Hollywood or Bollywood have to offer. NETFLIX is the ultimate place to go for any and every serious movie lover who is open to trying “film cuisines” from countries outside of their own. A place where one can witness the immeasurable movie talent that exists outside the one that we have gotten used to. A place which you can laugh and cry and get melancholic…and that too, despite the Subtitles!!

On the eve of the release of OKJA, Netflix’s latest movie offering, I am kicking off a series of short posts where I will recommend films from around the world that are presently available on Netflix and which you, as serious moviegoers can plan to watch, in case you are looking for a respite from the cacophony of the usual blockbusters.

And what better way to start than with the world of director Joon-ho Bong. Yes, Bong is the director of OKJA and one of the most stunning directors ever to come out of Korea, after Chan-wook Park. Bong started his career with the dark comedy BARKING DOGS NEVER BITE back in 2000 and followed it up with his so-called masterpiece MEMORIES OF MURDER (a film that I would highly recommend renting from your local library, as it is not available on Netflix).

BARKING DOGS NEVER BITE has a zany sense of humor that will have you squirming and screaming with delight, often at the same time….all owing to its funnily humane characters. It’s a small film and the low-budget is visible in the average production values. But it’s a quirky satire and one that I would urge you all to not miss.

It was his next film, the monster dramedy THE HOST that put Joon-ho Bong on the map of Korean directors to really watch out for. THE HOST is a horror film with a sharp human touch and creature special effects that make your jaw drop. It’s funny, it’s scary, it’s emotional and it’s a top-notch thriller that puts a sad smile on your face at the end. This is easily one of the best horror films with a heart that you will ever see. And it’s on Netflix.

The repertoire of Bong’s illustrious career would, however, not be complete without the absolutely unmissable and stunning MOTHER, a film that knocks your socks off and makes you feel like rewinding and watching it all over again. This is a modern classic of world cinema, in my opinion, and one of the must-see films on Netflix at present. Without giving away any spoilers, MOTHER is a staggering and heartbreaking piece of cinema which truly showcases the immense directorial talent of Joon-ho Bong.

Bong has also directed the underrated and misunderstood but highly enjoyable SNOWPIERCER. That film is presently not available on Netflix but it has been in the past and I would recommend adding it to your list, in case it shows up again at some time in the future. The film, set in a dystopian future, boasts of an ensemble cast that is drool-worthy and marked Bong’s debut in Hollywood as his first English language film.

So, sit back, relax and savor the works of a master director over the next few days by watching these four films of Joon-ho Bong on Netflix in the following order:

  2. OKJA

I will be back soon with my next post soon, where I will try to recommend 2-3 films from different countries that you might find interesting for a rainy summer afternoon. Until then…keep (Net)Flixing!

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