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Definitely A Worthy Baaraat !!

Finally managed to check out “Band Bajaa Baaraat” last night and found it highly entertaining.  After a long time, it was truly a worthy team effort from the YRF House.  The Director, the Actor, the Musicians, the Supporting Actors…everyone was just wonderful.  The highlights, for me, of course, were Anushka Sharma’s endearing performance and Amitabh Bhattacharya’s amazing lyrics.

And I truly felt that BBB is the “Dhobi Ghaat” of Delhi !!  The language, the places, the middle-class families, the gullees, the mohallas…everything was captured in just the right amount…the right quantity…with the perfect emotions.  High on entertainment value, is all I would say.

Agreed that the movie went into the formulaic routine towards the end, but in the bigger picture, I consider it a minor glitch.  Has Yash Raj Films found its way again?  I doubt it.  But it was a great “detour”, I must say.

And what is up with these filmmakers excluding some great songs from their audio albums released in the market?  First it was KJo/Amit Trivedi with the Tochi-version of “Iktara” in Wake Up Sid.  And now, the second version of “Ainvayi Ainvayi” that shwows up during the end credits of BBB!!  Give us everything, guys…don’t save the best for yourself only.  Share it with all your Baaraatis, yaar!!

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