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More Missed Opportunities…Sigh!!

I haven’t said much over the past few weeks.  Why?  Because Bollyland hasn’t given me enough reason to say much anyway.  The past few weeks have seen the release of four big films – “I Hate Luv Storys“, “Raavan“, “Rajneeti” and “Kites“, in descending order of their day of release.  The lesser said about all of them, the better.  But then saying less wouldn’t be doing justice to my blog.  So I will try to be brief here.

Kites” was the most delayed.  I haven’t seen it myself.  The ones who have…they all had a hard time staying awake.  I haven’t slept peacefully for a few days.  I plan to rent the film soon.  I rest my case.

Rajneeti” was the biggest.  Haven’t seen this one either.  But being me, I have read a lot of reviews and feel that this retelling of the epic “Mahabharata” sounds more like a “Khandaani Dushmani” flick than one that takes you into the real dirty world of Indian politics.  If for nothing else, then I will watch it just to once again witness the mother of all Indian movies cliches at play — “One night stands always result in pregnancies”.  And they say that this one has not just one or two but three such miraculous instances!! 🙂
Mani Ratnam’sRaavan” was the most anticipated.  Mayank Shekhar of “The Hindustan Times” ended his review of the film by saying “We want our Mani back”.  Raja Sen of Rediff.Com called the film “Mani Ratnam Ki Aag”.  I would simply ask “And the point of the film was…????”  If you think about it, every other Bollywood film is some sort of a retelling  of the “Ramayana”.  The cops and Ajay Devgns ruin a drug delivery for the villian.  The villian aka Shakti Kapoors kidnap the cop’s wife/mom/sister/dad/uncle/kid/cousin/gardner.  The cop goes after the villian and comes out victorious in the end. Surprise!!  And if you want to add a “twist” to the tale, then you create a good hearted “Khalnayak” like Sunjay Dutt and even Jackie Shroff’s Madhuri Dixit develops a soft corner for this “Raavan” during captivity.  So once again then….what was the whole point of Mani Sir’s Raavan??  Someone?  Anyone?

Finally, “IHLS” was the freshest…or at least it was supposed to be that.  What we got instead was amateurish direction from a first-timer, a script without a story and nothing memorable to take back home after the film ended.  Well almost…because Vishal-Shekhar’s stellar soundtrack and Kavin Dave’s turn as the Wisecracking Friend were almost to die for.  In a film that was dead at heart otherwise.

Missed opportunities?  Ah…Plenty..If you look at the past few weeks.  More on the way?  You bet, given Bollyland’s track record.  But just don’t give up on hope.  Bolly surprises come more frequently these days…and that’s what helps me keep my faith!

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