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Time To Move On…

I am back after a long hiatus…not giving excuses, except that I was catching up with a lot of stuff that I’ve missed over the months. The awards season is over as well.  “3 Idiots” and “Paa” won most of the awards — deservedly or not, it will always remain a point of contention.  I find it very strange how Bollywood differs from Hollywood, when it comes to recognizing talent. 
Agreed that comparing the Filmfare Awards and the Screen Awards to the Oscars or the Globes isn’t fair either.  While the former are primarily “popular” awards, the Oscars (and certain categories of the Golden Globes) do indeed look at even the “festival circuit” films before deciding on the winners.
But there still remains a very interesting difference between how each fraternity decides on whom to pick.  The Oscars do tend to look at the overall performance, no doubt…but they also don’t shy away from recognizing someone who, in spite of having a stellar career or being just a newcomer, has given an equally stunning performance compared to some of those “veterans” also nominated in the category.  For instance, George Clooney’s performance in “Up In The Air” was definitely up there, but the Academy went with Jeff Bridges instead…not a surprise, and definitely a move worth applauding.  Now, they also picked Sandra Bullock over Meryl Streep, in the same vein…a decision that I wasn’t very happy about.
However, when it comes to our local filmwallahs, it’s always the veterans, the favorites, that count.  And this year was no exception…even though I have to admit that the jury did pull in a few pleasant surprises as well.
Shahid Kapoor gave a shimmering performance in “Kaminey“….and who won?  The Big B. for “Paa“!!  Pritam, who I personally felt gave a terrific score for “Love Aaj Kal” lost out to the perennial favorite Rahman for “Delhi-6“.  Amol Gupte’s supporting actor nomination for “Kaminey” was on-par with the eventual winner and favorite Boman Irani, for “3 Idiots“.  It was nice, however, to see a relative newcomer on the scene, Irshad Kamil, win the lyricist award for “Aaj Din Chadiya”, over my favorite, Gulzar Saab’s title song of “Kaminey“.  The recognition given to “Dev D.” including a Best Supporting Actor (Female) award, was also a refreshing change. 
Overall, however, I still feel that the Bolly awards are seeped in predictability and its fairly easy to judge not only the winners but even the nominees beforehand.  So am I complaining?  Nope…I still watch them, and I’m sure that so do a lot of you.  After all, these are the people we’ve invested a lot of hours of our lives in, over the past one year, and it’s always fun to see them all come together and at least get poked fun at, by SAK and SRK….albeit sometimes at the expense of  cringeworthy jokes cracked by the duo.
Well, we are already into 2010 and the movies are releasing every week, full steam ahead.  I am watching them, and so are you.  2009 is a thing of the past and it is indeed time for all of us to move on…before the next wave of the awards season descends upon us!!
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