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Don’t “Hurt” But Praise the “Basterds”

How many of you agree that no matter how good “The Hurt Locker” was, it was the “Inglourious Basterds” who deserved to take the Best Picture trophy home.  For me, “The Hurt Locker” just didn’t cut it.  It was a very good movie, no doubt, but except for the “political and sentimental” element attached to it, I still can’t fathom why everyone is going nuts over it. 
Watch Tarantino’s yarn instead and you will witness the art the guy had mastered….of playing with his audience!!  What a bold screenplay…what an audacious script…what a clever piece of dialogue-writing..what a wondrous ensemble of set-pieces, where you know that everyone will be killing each other within a matter of minutes, but for now, they are just sipping on their wines and “talking”…and what smoldering acting from the entire gang, including that devilish Christoph Waltz.  I never thought that “Avatar” stood a chance at the Oscars, but a part of me kept hoping that maybe….maybe….the Academy will rise above the sentimentally of it all, and instead give the award to QT’s Basterds…to a picture that dared to be different and to a director who makes his audience drool for more….all the time.
But alas!!  Instead of the praise and the love that they deserved, the Basterds got “Hurt”…and fatally.  Don’t worry, QT….there’s always next time…and we are already looking forward to it….as always.  Au revoir, for now. 🙂
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